Weekend Links

Happy Holidays Happy Holidays Real life Santa (Washington Post) How the Simpsons Changed TV (Vulture) Origin of the Santa Tracker (Washington Post) Coaches and Coaching Life-long learner (Timbers) Leadership on the Court (TCC, with links […]

Leadership on the Court

Sports Illustrated named The Golden State Warriors their “Sports Person of the Year.” The article details a dynasty being built around strong leadership on the court and an equally strong culture that binds the coach […]

Weekend Links

Friendship My Dad’s Friendship with Charles Barkely (WBUR) What are Friends for? (NYT) Investing Just in Case (Humble Dollar) Index-Investing (Bloomburg)  A good defense here against recent critics First, it costs less — often much […]

What is Your Culture?

I was lucky enough to be in the room a few years ago for a conversation with a very successful and prominent coach. There were about 12 coaches there to hear him speak. The coach […]

Changing My Habits

Getting Better Every DayI buy the idea that changing habits happens in small incremental steps every day. James Clear who appears to be one of the experts on this uses this image to make the […]

Weekend Links: The Art of Persuasion and More


Here’s some of what we’ve been reading this week.  Click each title to find the full article. The Leader Masters in Business Podcast: Robert Cialdini, author of Influence and Presuasion RITHOLTZ: Let me give you […]