Weekly Roundup: Always Play to the Whistle

What separates the great teams and the great coaches? Could one factor be that they always play to the whistle on each play and each game? That they take nothing for granted until it has been proven and achieved?

  • Super Bowl Sunday was yesterday as was this tribute to a blowout ….not the story of the day. (NY Times)
  • A look at what makes the Patriots consistently perform at the highest level. (NY Times)

    Now here’s what T.M.Q. thinks is the most important distinction between the Patriots and the rest of the league: New England players are always moving.

    For all the money and hype in the N.F.L., for all the year-round focus, it’s amazing how many downs feature at least one guy standing there doing nothing. Run back any snap of any team other than New England and look away from the ball — someone will be not pursuing, not blocking, just standing around watching. At New England, players never seem to stand around watching. Maybe Belichick gives them electric shocks if they don’t endlessly hustle. However accomplished, he gets more effort than any other N.F.L. coach.


Healthy Coach:
Wealthy Coach:
Wise Coach:

Brooks took one of the assistant coaches aside and said “A lot of these guys hate each other, and the only way I can think to make them a team is for all of them to hate me. You’re going to have to keep all the pieces together and be the guy they can lean on, because they’re not going to be able to lean on me. I’m going to be the same to all of them. I’m going to be tough on all of them.”

Brings us back to the amazing job done by the New England Patriots yesterday.  The author of Grit herself:

Always play to the whistle



I’ll be reviewing this next:

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