Calipari Took the Blame

Kentucky men’s basketball has been going through a mediocre season by their own tradition and standards. Last week Coach John Calipari took the blame for Kentucky’s woes this year.

“The dismantling, for the time being, of Kentucky Coach John Calipari’s mystique came in a well-lighted hallway inside Georgia’s Stegeman Coliseum on Thursday night. The scene resembled a politician offering a mea culpa at a news conference, except this was a basketball coach acknowledging he had squandered talent.

I am so disappointed in the job I have done with this team,” Calipari said after a 72-62 loss at Georgia. “I’ve done this 20-some years. I’ve never had a team not cohesive this time of the year.”

He went on: “Every one of them had a fight. If this team doesn’t have that, that’s on me. I’m disappointed in myself more than I am them.”

This is just one year after Kentucky won the men’s NCAA basketball championship.

The article goes on,

“Asked what he told his team after Thursday’s loss at Georgia, Calipari said, “Beat Florida and this all goes away.”

On Saturday they did just that.  It will be interesting to see if Calipari is correct and the team’s inconsistency does “all go away.”

Either way Calipari took the blame and his team responded.

Pete Carrill

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