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Catching Up  The Wednesday Weekly Roundup is where The Coaching Conversation points you to interesting articles on Coaching, Leadership, Sports, Performance, Health and Fitness, and sometimes, money.

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Did you miss these last week with the holidays?

Here’s to catching up:

Ramos optimistic for the Dynamo’s future after taking the head coach job (ASN)

You always learn as a coach. I think I will always continue to learn as a coach. But I think one of the things that was really important to me when I first took over the U-20 national team, I was a lot more conservative. And I felt like it was really important not to lose some games. As the time went on, I started to become more, say, daring.

Liverpool’s Pep Lijnders: ‘Our identity is intensity. It comes back in every drill’ (Guardian)

So much in here. A coaching journey beginning at 17 because of an injury, players inspiring different drills, role clarity for staff. Much here for coaches.

“Together we decide what kind of aspects we want to develop for the team and then I create the exercises. It’s quite simple; it’s just about the continuing stimulation of our mentality to conquer the ball as quick and as high up the pitch as possible. That element comes back in every exercise. We as staff always try to find ways so the players can be more spontaneous and more creative.”

The 2010s: Steps forward and back each year in women’s soccer (The Athletic)

I lived much of this, had forgotten some of it, and learned and connected some things. Good read. Catching up on the sport.

Jose Mourinho, Vitor Frade and the influence of tactical periodisation (Sky sports)

“Vitor Frade is the brain of it all,” Carlos Carvalhal tells Sky Sports. “He is the brain of a thing called tactical periodisation. You could call him a kind of scientist but he is a very practical scientist because he worked at Porto under Sir Bobby Robson and he did his work on the pitch. At the same time, he was very academic and clever. He is a fascinating man.”

Perception-Action Loops (Better Movement)

Perception-action coupling and why it matters.

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Catching up on Books:

I was working in Florida the past few days, and had one day to sit and read by the pool. It was a great time to catch up on my fiction list. I read this great novel in one day.

Highly recommend it.

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