What is Your Culture?

I was lucky enough to be in the room a few years ago for a conversation with a very successful and prominent coach. There were about 12 coaches there to hear him speak. The coach […]

Weekend Links: The Art of Persuasion and More


Here’s some of what we’ve been reading this week.  Click each title to find the full article. The Leader Masters in Business Podcast: Robert Cialdini, author of Influence and Presuasion RITHOLTZ: Let me give you […]

Quiet Power: Not Everybody Will Be the Same Kind of Leader

Do You Coach an Introvert or Quiet Athlete?Do you coach an introvert or have a really quiet athlete on your team?  Perhaps you are an introvert yourself? If so, you may want to take a […]

Effective Feedback

Interesting article on effective feedback in Psychology Today. Basically he articulates the value of criticism in development and reminds us of the problems with excessive praise. “Well-chosen criticism, delivered in an environment of high expectations […]

Failing Your Way to Success

Des Linden, Failing Your Way to Success  This video is an excerpt of the Rich Roll podcast in which he interviews Des Linden about her journey to victory at the Boston Marathon. There are […]

Great Coaches Are Often Originals

A look at the book Originals by Adam Grant”Originality is an act of creative destruction.” Joseph Schumpeter Many of the best coaches I know are originals. They move at their own pace, think their own […]