What is Humility?

Know who you are, & know who you aren’t. It’s not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. “When we have been successful, it’s been more about the team, and less about ourselves.” […]

Preseason Film Session

Recently I was lucky enough to watch a great coach run a preseason film session with her team. Film is such a great tool for teaching and providing feedback to your team.   I was […]

Arsene Wenger

Excerpts From An InterviewExcellent comprehensive  Arsene Wenger interview from football.london. Set your sights high. “You won the title unbeaten in 2003-04. What was the secret recipe? Effectively we were unbeaten for a year and a […]

Perspective Matters

When I was in college we had to run the Cooper in preseason. We did 7.5 laps in 12 minutes. Just shy of 6 minute miles. For a non-track athlete it was a fast pace. […]

The Coach’s Dilemma– How to Stay Healthy

Coaches–Read this article about NBA coaches, stress, sleep and health challenges for coaches. It truly is the coach’s dilemma–how to stay healthy amidst all the stress and pressure. “We’re all told what to do, but […]