So, that’s the Feature. What’s the Benefit?

Selling Benefits, Not Features

Coaches, when you’re out there recruiting athletes, ask yourself a simple question: are you selling benefits of attending your school or simply the listing the positive features of your school?

What do I mean by this question?

Well, in sales we make a distinction between the feature, the positive fact or attribute about your school, and the benefit that the feature will bring to your customer.

In other words, how does this feature benefit the prospect while at your school and after?

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BCS Matchup

Nate Silver of election prediction fame, looks at the numbers for tonight’s BCS championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame, and takes a little air out of the matchup.

“Part of the attraction of this year’s game is that, despite being the nominal No. 1 seed, Notre Dame enters the championship as underdogs — certainly in the view of Las Vegas bookies and computer programs like Mr. Sagarin’s, but also in the mind of most football fans who have seen Southeastern Conference teams (including Alabama) romp to six national championships in a row. If Notre Dame is able to keep pace with Alabama, the game should be remembered as a classic. But underdog stories that end in a 55-19 or 34-0 defeat don’t usually hold their audience’s attention.”