Charlie MungerWhy should coaches learn more about and from Charlie Munger the famous investor? Because he is incredibly smart, wise and ethical.  He possesses an incredible depth of knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Further, his ability to synthesize information and deliver wisdom to leaders in wide ranging and disparate fields is a model for us all.

Here is an example:

“If the incentives are wrong the behavior will be wrong. I guarantee it.” —Charlie Munger

Although  he is overtly referring to the investing world here this is an equally valuable insight for a coach. What are you incentivizing? What behaviors are you getting?

He does not come by his knowledge and wisdom by accident, but is famous for being a voracious reader.

So when I see a list of books he’s reading I pay attention. Shane Parrish from The Farnam Street Blog has just such a list up on Medium now.

The three Charlie Munger book recommendations I intend to purchase:




And here are the three Charlie Munger recommendations that I have read and recommend:

Perhaps the most important book I have read:

Charlie Munger Book Recommendations

A good book on leaders with independent thought and actions:

Charlie Munger Book Recommendations

Finally, an excellent compilation of tools for persuasion and influence:

Charlie Munger Book Recommendations

You can find the full list here.

Marcia McDermott

Marcia McDermott

Former college and national team athlete who made a career coaching college, pro and international level. Now I coach the coach and am committed to coaches and leaders building high performance teams.

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