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Coaches Matter. The Weekly Roundup is Where The Coaching Conversation Points You to Interesting Articles on Coaching, Leadership, Sports, Performance, Health and Fitness, and sometimes, money.

John Maguire on Shot Tracking, Feedback and Readable Writing (Teach Like a Champion)

That’s why people who want to learn something fast hire coaches if they can—whether for singing, golf or tennis. But even group classes can be more like coaching, if they use feedback systems closer to individual coaching.

Why I am Here (Players Tribune)

Lindsay Gottlieb, one of several women coaching in the NBA, weighs in on her certainty that she had both the path and the talent to coach in the NBA.

Effective Leaders: Warm Demanders (Basketball Is Psychology)

Such a good read.

Boston Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens was asked about what makes a good leader, he replied,

“The best leaders are warm and demanding.

All Blacks Supremacy Shaped by Steve Hansen’s Search for Inner Peace (The Guardian)

The great coach’s run is coming to an end. The article reminds that even a successful coach’s journey contains tests and requires growth.

Jesse Marsh, Who Will Be First American Coaching in Champions League…(Yahoo)

As good as we thought the squad was coming in to the season, they’ve continued to exceed our expectations and given us a chance to fulfill some big dreams this year.”

The World’s Finest Youth Academy is not the Best Developmental System (Joy of the People)

Or do coaches matter?  Of course they do, but…

What Great Coaching Looks Like (HBR)

Off the field, but many similar points. I appreciate the emphasis on context when helping people to improve or make change.

Tony Bennet Declines Raise in New Deal to Donate Money to Program, Staff (Sports Illustrated)

He’s an interesting coach for a variety of reasons…

The Grandmaster’s Diet: How to Lose Weight While Barely Moving (ESPN)

Fascinating look at stress, sleep, fitness, focus and performance in chess.

Physical fitness and brain performance are tied together, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that grandmasters are out there trying to look like soccer players, Ashley says.

The Unusual Path of New Raptor’s Assistant Coach (ESPN)

This article is a master class for anybody looking to take charge of her own career. Talent and persistence pays off. As does a league-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion. Coaches matter.

Yankee Exec Says Red Sox Step to the Plate for Women in Baseball (AP)

Baseball plays “catch” up to the NBA.

Behavior Change: Autonomy and Intrinsic Motivation (Omadahealth.com)

People aren’t formulas; they are likely to continue to have both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators for changing their behaviors. But it’s the balance of these motivations that predicts whether a person is more likely to stick with the change over time. Specifically, the greater focus on the intrinsic motivators — in other words, how autonomous a person is — the more likely he or she will be to maintain the changes they initiate.

Let’s Focus on How We’re Coaching Rather Than What We’re Coaching (Coaching the Coaches)

Thoughtful read.  Connect with your players. Consider your role in motivation and confidence, but consider their role as well. Interesting discussion here.  Offer ideas and assistance, but let player’s solve more on the field.

How to Maximize Your Fitness. Duration versus Intensity (The Uphill Athlete)

I love my Saturday morning hill runs, but all the long slow slogs matter as well. You gotta work for it

There are few sports writers whose work is as good as Jonathan Wilson. I loved Inverting the Pyramid and now this just arrived in the mail:

Coaches Matter

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