No TCC coaching podcast …yet

Here are a few of my favorites in the coaching and performance world

The Science of Sport

How to Make a Champion

Rich Roll:

Take a listen to his Des Linden episode.

Fergus Connolly
Modern Soccer Coach
Finding Mastery

coaching podcastsFinding Mastery with Michael Gervais, a high performance psychologist, who is best known for his work with the Seattle Seahawks and as the cofounder of Win Forever with Pete Carroll.  Gervais brings on great guests from a wide variety of fields. He does a great job of sussing out tremendous information.

Like many of these hosts he is at his best when he does not seem to personally know the guest.

One of my favorite episodes is with the great Anders Ericsson who introduced the often misunderstood concept of deliberate training.

Ericsson also has a new book out Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

Another favorite Finding Mastery interview is with Steve Kerr in which he details the process by which he came to center his team on joy.

Minutes on Mastery

Minutes on Mastery at Sound Cloud is an abbreviated version and is great tool to find short audio for your teams and presentations.

Recently he interviewed Bob Bowman–check it out.

Browse the offerings on the website and you will find a great number of excellent coaching podcasts.

Coach Your Best

Coach Your Best from Athletes By Design is a great resource for coaches and athletes. The host, Jeremy Boone, brings on a wide array of coaches, practitioners and authors. Some of his guests are famous and others I have never heard of before.

Rarely do I regret listening to the show.

Two of my favorite episodes:

An interview with Ashley Merryman, author of Top Dog The Science of Winning and Losing; 

Doug Lemov, who has written extensively what great teaching looks like. He provides very specific pointers in these conversations and in his books.

Look through the different episodes on the website and you will find some interesting variety and quality.

Two Doug Lemov books you may enjoy Practice Perfect and Teach Like a Champion 2.0

Coaching podcasts

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