Create the Right Environment

Create the right environment. This week’s roundup is here; links below.

“Performance more often comes down to a cultural challenge, rather than simply a technical one.” — Lara Hogan, Etsy 

Create the Right Environment

What Executives Can Learn from Pete Carril – (The Sport Journal)

I am committed by my style and principles of life to make the best
of whatever the situation. It has been the way I have done things for
my entire life… I get my happiness out of seeing things done right, out
of being successful, out of seeing the interaction of people working
together for a good cause, spilling their hearts out on the floor, giving you the best of what they have.

A New Dawn (ESPN) Excellent writing, too many good quotes for a roundup article

Staley is suspicious of easy; she feels in her gut that effort rewards, laziness kills and discipline is the lover that will never let you down. She favors a tough row, savors the character it builds. To Staley, going soft is as foolish as pants on a pig.


Twitter Break: Watch the video as Stephanie White credits Dawn Staley for creating the right environment.

As he builds UNCG into a contender, Wes Miller wastes no time (The Athletic)

They had reached a reckoning. They had to establish values and identity and be unswerving in their commitment to them — and especially in the process of finding players aligned with the traits they deemed most important. In short, talent wasn’t necessarily the end-all.

Landon Donovan on women, racism and the pressure to win (

“I picked Carrie because she was the most qualified person for the job. She has proven herself over, and over, and over, and over in lots of different ways….The real question is Why are there few women coaching men’s soccer?”

Stewart Downing: 10 key coaches in my career (

“You can’t carry passengers and we got found out a little bit in the Premier League.”

Klopp’s winter break creating heated debates (

One of the interesting points raised from similar research which Premier League and FA coaches should take note from is the qualitative investigations which found attributions to burnout symptoms included transitions between competitions or stages in season, which added emotional and mental stress; pressure to comply and perform in elite environments and negative development environments, all areas which could factor and enable greater control for players and coaches alike.

Drop out or burn out: Hockey player Katie Knight campaigns for better lifestyle support at elite level (Telegraph)

The Giants Didn’t Invite Aubrey Huff to Their World Series Reunion for a Simple Reason (Slate)

How to Create the Right Environment for a Winning Culture (Fly Blue Kite)

How to Show Up for Your Friends (Outside)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Conversation with Bill Moyers (

Good Read

Consequently, I will refer back to the cardinal rule and its corollary:

Above all else, be consistent.


Don’t do things that might negatively affect your consistency. — The Little Black Book of Training Wisdom by Dr Dan Cleaver

Pro Soccer

Sky Blue FC Announces Move to New York Red Bulls Training Facility (Sky Blue)

Details Emerge About Japan’s Proposed New Women’s Professional League (WSoccerExpress)

Teams “will be required to have at least one female executive”

Within three years, each team “will be required to have women in at least half of their staff posts”

USL hires Angela Hucles to lead potential women’s soccer efforts (The Athletic)

“We’ll absolutely be collaborative,” she said. “Whether it’s the U.S. Soccer, the NWSL, or anyone else who is actively working to grow the women’s game, we’re all working towards a common goal: to create more opportunity.”

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Arsène Wenger uses Fifa role to propose new offside law amid marginal VAR calls (Guardian)

Borussia Dortmund vs. PSG score: Haaland makes history as German side gets edge (CBSsports)

Insider: Hope Solo Leads National Soccer Hall of Fame Candidates (SI)

Another Good Read

Pete Carrill legendary coach

“Once practice starts, we work hard, and that’s the best conditioning there is. Everything counts. Every little thing counts. Run hard, play hard, go after the ball hard, guard hard. If you play soft (what I call signing a ‘non-aggression pact’ with your teammates), you won’t ever get into shape.”

Pete Carril, Legendary Princeton Basketball Coach (TCC)


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