Cut the Cord and Still Watch Sports

cut the cord watching sportsThis is the persistent question among my friends.  How do you cut the cord and still watch sports?

Especially, if you want to be able to watch a wide variety of sports?


Cable keeps charging for channels that I will never watch. I kept paying so that I could watch soccer whenever and on whatever channel it may be on.

Younger people would say to me ‘just cut it and stream it.”

I was very happy to do so, but that took me through a mine field of different technologies and devices.

There is apple tv and roku and fire tv and google something or other and by the time you have bought one or two and set them up your TV tells you –You need a cable provider.


Now, I’m sure there are people who know how to bypass that, but I’m pretty much a rule follower.

I still buy music.

And movies.

OK, so what’s the solution?

Well there are a couple of decent solutions none of which are perfect. Here are my two best options to cut the cord and still watch cable

Sling TV

I understand why people like Sling TV.  It is relatively affordable  with its Orange and Blue TV options and $5 or $10 add-ons at the bottom.

You can take it on the road with you.

But, I have two complaints.

First, my stream goes out at least twice a game and I need to go back to home and then back to sling and find it.  Is this a Sling problem or an internet problem?

I don’t know the answer to it, but as an end user it feels like a Sling problem.

I do buy a high speed internet because I’m on it a lot.

Second, why do they split the soccer options up between the two Orange and Blue?

I mean I know why–they want me to buy both–but it defeats the low cost purpose and makes me feel a bit cheated.

You can try it for 7 days free and try for yourself.

You may be very happy with the two options. Each on their own is a fair price. And, you may not have any issues with your internet.

Cable streaming

My provider just began their own streaming service where I can choose any 10 channels I want. For the first thirty days you can change those selections as you figure out what you really watch.

You can also buy add ons for $5 at a time.

This combined with my digital antenna is pretty much all I need… or so I thought.

The other day I wanted to watch something on ESPNews.  We are still within our 30 days so I called on over to switch to it.  Alas, they don’t allow that channel as a streaming option.

All in all I spent quite a bit of time and a little bit of money to solve my problem. I was highly motivated to see this particular game.

Usually I would just move on, but that’s probably not true of all sports viewers so ask the right questions at the front end.

My third option, and one I consider when I think to myself “time equals money”, just return to cable.

If you know simpler and cheaper ways to cut the cord and watch March Madness (men’s and women’s), the Olympic sports and soccer let me know.

I’m aware that what I don’t know I don’t know is pretty darn expansive.


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