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Preseason begins in the NWSL, the She Believes Tournament continues, NCAA March Madness on the horizon, legal disputes and defenses, new leadership and more in this weeks links.

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Italy women pull out of Algarve Cup final due to coronavirus disruption (The Telegraph)

Coronavirus Looms Over March Madness (Inside Higher Ed)

There are inherent biases in place which need to be challenged’(irish examiner)

“We wanted to bring chaos to the players, so that when chaos and challenges do come their way in a major competition, they are able to deal with them. Last year in the Six Nations, we went to play Holland in the morning and when we got there the pitch was covered in glass. The game had to be moved from 10am to 7pm. But because we had practised from calm to chaos beforehand, they were able to manage their day and perform that evening.”

New Zealand’s new second-tier team could have significant ramifications on a global scale (rugbypass.com)

It would add a completely new pathway to the mix for grooming top-calibre coaches.

Nebraska announces first-ever program to help athletes with “brand building” ahead of NIL legislation (football scoop)

However, as more and more states have introduced NIL legislation forward, it has become a matter of “when” an “how” compensating players for name, image, and likeness is going to look in college athletics moving forward, and it is no longer considered an “if” as it once was.

As COVID-19 hit Seattle, the Sounders hosted their eeriest MLS game ever (The Athletic)

How Coronavirus Is Impacting March Madness and Conference Tournaments (SI)

What does the coronavirus mean for the U.S. health care system? Some simple math offers alarming answers (Statnews)

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US Soccer Doesn’t Want To Give The Women’s Team Equal Pay Because The Men Have “More Responsibility” (Buzzfeed)

USSF claims USMNT has more responsibilities than women’s team in equal pay dispute (The Athletic)

The federation’s attorneys also note that there is “evidence that MNT players face tougher competition, even on a relative basis” than the women’s national team — which makes sense on some level, as the men are ranked 21st in the world according to FIFA, whereas the women are No. 1 overall, in their respective rankings. While U.S. Soccer argues that this is an “additional basis” to deny the players’ motion, it is also a condemnation of their success.

Meanwhile the She Believes Tournament continues tonight at 8 pm EST.

Chef José Andrés serving Grand Princess cruise ship guests (CNN)

‘Time is fast running out’: World Meteorological Organization warns climate efforts are falling short (Time)

disrupt and defend

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Christen Press Has Arrived for USWNT With Vlatko Andonovski at the Helm (SI)

“So I feel there’s a bit of a freedom now with less thinking about what you should be doing and just kind of doing what you want.”

The Lowdown: Lisa Baird already has a vision (Equalizer)

USA Rolls Past Mexico 4-1 to Win 2020 Concacaf Women’s U-20 Championship (US Soccer)

Women in Sports Are on a High. What’s Next? (WSJ)

An underrated factor in South Carolina’s championship chase? The bench (the Athletic)

Why understanding the teenage brain is key to coaching (Training Ground Guru)

disrupt and defend


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