Here’s an Example of Growth Mindset

I saw this example of growth mindset the other night on the news.

Did you catch the PBS segment about Patrice Banks who learned to be a mechanic well into adulthood?

That seems like a pretty impressive accomplishment in its own right.

She then started her own shop targeted at women customers and staffed exclusively by women.


“It was rough, this dirty garage with a bunch of men that don’t care, cursing, screaming, yelling at me. But, again, I kept telling myself, like, Patrice, you’re on a mission here. Right? This is just growth, you’re learning. You’re not here for these people, right? You’re here for women and you’re here to learn.”


We speak a lot about growth mindset to our teams or people we are coaching.

It’s good to give them a picture of what we are talking about.

If you are looking for a great example of growth mindset then give the segment a watch.

It’s a great out of sports example of growth mindset.

Here’s another — the Glass Hammer, a career resource for professional women, published an article a few years back that gives other examples of ways to develop a growth mindset.

Their list:

  • Be open to big opportunities
  • Focus on your purpose
  • Learn from challenges

Sounds familiar.

Let me know of other examples you see. You can reach me at inf0 at the coaching conversation d0t com


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