“He Made Me a Better Coach”

This week’s links are focused on some great coaches who have a lot to teach us about how to be a better coach, the nuance of teaching virtually, etc.

be a better coach

Emma Hayes to replace Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea? Sunday Supplement panel debate… (Sky Sports)

Leadership: Athletes and Coaches in Sport (The Sport Journal)

Effective leadership in coaching occurs when athletes perform in accordance with the coach’s intentions while finding their own needs satisfied. Effective coaches are concerned with maintaining good relations with team members and winning a specific contest

What Can Coaches Learn from Steve Kerr? (Player Development Project)

Larry Brown reflects on the practice rant and coaching Allen Iverson (NBCSports)

Michael Jordan on Dean Smith: ‘He never put one kid ahead of another (N&O)

What went wrong last year,The Last Dance’: One-on-one with Roy Williams (MSN)

I said no, my plan is to work as hard as I can every single day, and the future will take care of itself. That’s the way I’ve always been.

Dawn Staley: Full-Court Leadership (odk.org)

As a coach, Staley is a consistent supporter and advocate for her team, even when they experience setbacks. When the team missed a repeat victory in the 2018 women’s basketball tournament, Staley said, “Our team performed all year long under adversity; [I] couldn’t be more proud of our players and the way that they have handled themselves ….”

Brad Stevens is a genius — just not in the way you think he is (SBNation)

His entire coaching philosophy is built on channeling that mental strength. Mistakes are not failures to be haunted by; they are something to quickly forget and learn from later. The whole point is to create a place where players are free to play with, “freedom and confidence,” as Stevens puts it.

How to Coach, According to 5 Great Sports Coaches (HBR)

Dissolving the Screen” in Ben Esser’s Online Classroom (Teach Like A Champion)

An Observant Perspective In Multiple Levels Of Coaching (Soccer IQ Education)

Intensity Matters: How To Maximize Your Training (White Lion Performance)

USWNT could settle to take care of itself. It’s fighting for something bigger. (WAPO)

Where are all the female coaches? (UK Coaching)

Top European Women’s Leagues Seasons Are At Virtual Stand Still (SA)

The Virus Could Be the Cure for College Sports (Bloomberg)

Reading Now

Leading: The CEO Next Door I keep quoting this book to people though I’m only halfway through it. Evidence-based and quality anecdotes, written by two women executive coaches with a depth of experience working with leaders is a variety of industries. Buy the book.

Classic Fiction: A Tale of Two Cities Dickens is the perfect writer for our times.

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be a better coach
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