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Recovery: Hard workout? Get social

The concept is relatively simple: being in a positive social environment following a hard effort works to balance one’s endocrine system faster than if they were alone, as a 2014 study from Imperial College in Great Britain found when they looked at moderating stress reactivity in professional rugby players.

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Sleep matters

No matter what happened to my body, I never felt like it was dangerous for me to keep working. I knew I was irritable and sometimes terse, and I didn’t smell the best, but I didn’t think anything I did was unsafe. Sleep experts often liken sleep-deprived people to drunk drivers: They don’t get behind the wheel thinking they’re probably going to kill someone. But as with drunkenness, one of the first things we lose in sleep deprivation is self-awareness.

Good bosses equal good health

“Research suggests that the most powerful way leaders can improve employee well-being is not through programs and initiatives but through day-to-day actions.

Active Recovery post-exercise: Does it help?

Though post-exercise stretching has been performed as a recovery modality for many decades, current research discredits this form of recovery almost entirely. It has been suggested that this practice is outdated, based on previous discredited theories, and with very little evidence to support its effectiveness.


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