I’m Not Dieting. Not This Year.

I’m not dieting. Not this year. Not ever again.

I sat by the diet section at Barnes and Noble the other day and surveyed all the titles. I opened some and read a bit. In some ways they complemented each other. In other ways they contradicted each other. Every author so certain. Every book an exact prescription for getting to your ideal weight.

I’m not doing it ever again.

I’m tired of being told my Fitbit won’t help me, maybe even hurt my efforts, and then told well, hey maybe it will work.

I can’t believe I have to read over and over again that exercising won’t help you lose weight.  And then read how much and how often I need to get moving.

The problem with all of it for me, is that it is all out of context.

The context is the individual.

Each of us has a different reaction to all of these factors. A different reaction to what we eat, to exercise, to sleep and stress.

If we would pause and pay attention to ourselves, if we would wake up to what our priorities are, I bet we could each get significantly healthier in 2018.

I never want to work out until I am actually working out.  Then I love it. I can only run hard so many days a week without pain. I like to lift but only for a short period of time so I have to accommodate this.

If I think my workout will be an hour, I skip it.  Ten minutes? I’m in.

I love to play a game of well anything. How often do I play?

Rarely. This has to change.

I have time right now. I am using part of that time to get fit. Not skinny but fit. See if my insides can stay super healthy into the second half of my living.  If I can keep my joints and keep them relatively pain free.

I am playing with the balance between hard workouts and lighter workouts.

I am redefining what stress is to me and challenging myself with workouts right on the edge of my ability to succeed.

I am redefining rest to include long slow walks in the woods and not just a total day off with a book.

I’m a vegetarian because the meat industry seems so damn cruel.  Combine that with the damage to the planet and I am motivated. I like vegetables and I like a variety of them. Raw is good, cooked is good. I don’t love fruits, but again if I can get it down to a limited amount I’m in.

An apple a day? That’s fine. Hand me the apple.

I am enjoying the creativity of cooking, the simplicity of water, and the discipline of occasional fasting. (The benefits of the latter are beyond physical fitness.)

I am starting to journal again and note where I actually am in the process. Did that work? Did I enjoy that? I recognize that some of this may change. I expect it will.

I am paying attention.

I am writing more and quoting others less.

I am also extending the bounds of my reading. I have always read quite a bit, but I am returning to books more. Fewer and fewer of those are about elite performance, or what the evidence says.

More and more the books I read are about the lived experiences of others, their insights, their journeys and lessons.  Their context.

So, I’m not dieting. Not this year. Instead I’m looking forward to a purposeful and healthy 2018.

I hope you are too.



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