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Leaders Delegate. The Wednesday Weekly Roundup is Where The Coaching Conversation Points You to Interesting Articles on Coaching, Leadership, Sports, Performance, Health and Fitness, and sometimes, money.

Leaders delegate

A true story of how a new model (leader-leader) was created. (Turn This Ship Around)

“Leadership should mean giving control rather than taking control and creating leaders rather than forging followers.” David Marquet

“The bridge is control, divesting control to others while keeping responsibility.”


8 Ways Leaders Delegate Successfully (HBR)

Right people with clear roles and appropriate resources to succeed. Growth Mindset and effective coaching. Same in business and on the field.

Habits of Leaders who know how to delegate (Fast Company)

Heavy focus on the culture created by these leaders

Red Bull Arena: What Could Have Been and Might Be for Sky Blue (The Equalizer)

Real life franchise turn around in action.

Maybe you don’t know what player development means (Erica Suter)

A case for a comprehensive blending of the different dimensions of development.

Pep Gaurdiola: I Won’t Risk Premier League Treble for European Glory (The Guardian)

Control the narrative.

Harry Rednap: Passion Still Sears after 60 Years (Training Ground Guru)

“I was more concerned with how my team played than what a computer told me about the opposition. Alex Ferguson was the same. When I was at Tottenham, all I was worried about was getting the ball to Gareth Bale, so he could rip to opposition to pieces. That’s got nothing to do with computers.”

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership (The Performance Corner)

To be a good leader you must understand and manage yourself first. Work hard on how you develop others

Is it more important to run faster or harder (Outside)

One lesson to take from that race is that there are many roads leading to the same podium. Gibala’s and Bishop’s groups agree that intensity and volume are both effective at triggering mitochondrial adaptations and improving endurance.

Fifteen Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene (Sleephelp)

You need to sleep more than 7 hours a night. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that.

The Laws of Investing (The Collaborative Fund)

Morgan Housel writes so well and so clearly always showing us how to think rather than what to think. I absolutely see the lessons in one field applying to others so I often share about investing, literature, current events etc.

Lazarus Wrote the Lyrics (Washington Post)
Podcast: Investor Field Guide

Changing dynamic of teams and how different size teams can accomplish different things

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