Love to Read. Podcasts Devoted to Books

Do you love to read? Are you often searching for great coaching books? Me too. I also love to walk to work in the morning and listen to podcasts.

So I am happy when I can combine these two favorites and listen to podcasts focused on books on my walk. Tim Ferris of The Four Hour Work Week fame devotes quite a few of his podcasts episodes to books. My favorite of these was with Josh Waitzkin the author of The Art of Learning.

I imagine most of you have heard about Tim Ferris and his podcast.  So, here’s two you may not have heard about:

The Education Bookcast

Education Bookcast is a podcast in which I talk about one book or article relating to education per episode. The intended audience is mainly teachers and parents who would like to know more about education, but do not have the time and energy to read stacks of books or chase up references.

My favorite episode of the ones I’ve listened to was on one of my favorite books The Inner Game of Tennis. I have recommended that busy athletes listen to his synopsis and review if they don’t have time to read the book.

Here’s a link to the website for the Education Podcast.

Better Living Through Books

This podcast is just starting so I have not actually listened to it yet, but I noticed on twitter that they were starting a reading and discussion of the great Thinking Fast and Slow. The podcast will devote 21 episodes to the book.

I’m going to follow along and thought I would mention it to others who might find it interesting. Obviously I can’t recommend it yet, but I like the idea. Seems great if you love to read and love podcasts devoted to great books.

Here’s the link to Better Living Through Books.


Love to Read

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