Monday Morning Reads

Some articles to start the week. Perspective, risk, your finances, sports return to play, etc…

You don’t even know what risk is. (The Reformed Broker)

The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them (Erin Bromage)

Thinking It Through (Humble Dollar)

Making Decisions Buy the Book

Advisor Works to Bring Low Fees to 403(b)s (Morningstar)

What lessons haven’t we learned since 2016? Lesson 1: RAGE (Stand Up Republic)

Lee Richardson: The psychology of acceptance & control at Liverpool (TGG)

The Game Changers. Fearless Women in Football. (Game Changers Podcast)

Arsene Wenger: “I believe there is a culture in the way to play football at Arsenal.” (Think Football Ideas)

UFC Wants You to Watch Brawls, Not Its $5 Billion Lawsuit (Bloomberg)

Michael Jordan’s 1992 Team USA Olympic practice session proves best sport is behind closed doors (SCMP)

With sport about to go behind closed doors, it seems apposite that the focus is now on a game in a practice session that was actually behind closed doors. It also makes the case that we fans have never seen the best of the best – that has been reserved for those taking part.