Links: “Athletics Opens Doors, but Education Keeps them Open”

A few things I read this week that are worth your time: *The New Yorker’s Tad Friend profiles Sam Altman, CEO of YCombinator. His thoughts on taking over the leadership helm at a company: “Yet […]

Cruyff’s Influence on Coaches

Over the past year much has been written about Johan Cruyff’s influence on coaches. One theme that emerges was Cruyff’s emphasis on player development. He insisted on one style throughout the club. Under him there […]

The Importance of Peer Leadership

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.” Albert SchweitzerHere is an older (2013), but entertaining article in the New York Times sports page regarding LeBron James and his […]

Bronco Mendenhall Lifelong Learner

“We are not what we know,but what we are willing to learn.” Mary Catherine BatesoneI admit that I knew little about Bronco Mendenhall before today when I read an article about him in a Charlottesville […]

Mentor the Mentors

The New York Times had an interesting article recently about the value of a younger professional serving as a mentor to an older journalist. Specifically in this story a young social media expert assists an […]

Coaching Philosophy- A Key to Successful Coaching

Geekwire’s Taylor Sopire examines Pete Carroll’s coaching philosophy. He details why Pete Carroll is one of the best coaches working today. The trajectory of Carroll’s coaching career changed after he read a John Wooden book. […]