Focus, Language and Performance

In a new post on the USA Volleyball site John Kessel presents a big change in his teaching and feedback. He is adjusting to an external focus when teaching skill to his athletes. What does […]

Who Has The Hot Hand? Is It Real?

Recently I re-read a piece by Gretchen Reynolds in the Science section of the New York Times which presented interesting data on who has the “hot hand” in sports. It reminds us of the complex […]

Complacency versus Fear

Complacency versus fear. We experience both while trying to achieve big things. Typically we worry more about latter, but it might be valuable to reconsider. Recently a friend of mine recommended a video of Alison […]

Learning About Investing Makes Me a Better Coach

I am not an investment coach, but I believe that learning about investing informs my coaching and makes me a better coach. I enjoy reading and thinking about investing. For many of my friends this […]

Bias Towards Action

The Farnam Street website provides more insight into our tendency to act, our bias towards action, when the best course may be stillness or better yet, maintaining continuity. The post from Farnam Street begins with […]

A Student of the Coaching Game has a short article up about former US soccer coach Bob Bradley, which makes an interesting distinction calling him a student of the “coaching game” as opposed to a student of the game. Share […]