Book Reviews about Coaching

Mr. T in DC via Compfight Starting this Friday I will be posting a book review each week. It is my intention to read and review books about coaching, leadership and communication but I am […]


I enjoyed this article on by Howard Bryant about Jim Leyland whose Detroit Tigers are competing in the world series. Well written and insightful the piece captures the paradoxes in Leyland’s coaching style and […]

The Element of Luck

Can you make your own luck? Can you deal with some failure in order to create success? There was an interesting interview up on Wired.CO.UK  with Frans Johansson, the author of the new book The […]

Conversations with Dave

The other day I was working out with Dave, my personal trainer. We started to discuss the impact of coaching on our playing. He’s a lifter, a big guy, but lean. You can tell he […]

Healthy Competition

stiksa via Compfight In case you were looking for more reasons to respect Brad Friedel, the 41 year old goalkeeper with Tottenham in the EPL, Grant Wahl is up with a piece on about […]

Do You Have a Leadership Problem?

A friend sent me a link to a piece Forbes is running entitled “15 Ways to Identify a Bad Leader.” Many of the items on the list will resonate with coaches. You can go here […]