Conversations with Dave

The other day I was working out with Dave, my personal trainer. We started to discuss the impact of coaching on our playing. He’s a lifter, a big guy, but lean. You can tell he […]

Healthy Competition

stiksa via Compfight In case you were looking for more reasons to respect Brad Friedel, the 41 year old goalkeeper with Tottenham in the EPL, Grant Wahl is up with a piece on about […]

Do You Have a Leadership Problem?

A friend sent me a link to a piece Forbes is running entitled “15 Ways to Identify a Bad Leader.” Many of the items on the list will resonate with coaches. You can go here […]

Building Culture

Gary Curneen is up at Just Football with the final segment of a three-part series on Jose Mourinho, the Coach of Real Madrid.  It’s an enjoyable and laudatory recap of the teachings from an NSCAA […]

Dean Smith: A Coach’s Life

Recently I was asking for people’s favorite books by or about coaches. Someone mentioned Dean Smith’s A Coach’s Life (written with John Kilgo and Sally Jenkins) which I had read over a decade ago and […]

What is a Growth Mindset?

Mindset: A Book Review What is a growth mindset?  Why do some athletes take on challenges while others stay in their comfort zone? Why do some seem to jump back from failures so well, while […]