Effective Coaching

The other day I was watching a soccer tournament with some friends. Lining the field were all the college coaches and parents. One team was doing pretty well; the other was struggling. The coach of the struggling team kept getting up to yell. Most of what he was yelling was an explanation of what his team was doing wrong. It seemed his audience was the coaches and parents lining the field. He wanted to be sure they knew that he was better than his team. He was separating himself; drawing a distinction between his knowledge and theirs.

It may have made him feel better, but it’s not effective coaching.

Coaching is Repetition. Don’t be afraid to Repeat.

A coach recently indicated to me that he was working extra hard to have something unique and original to do with his team each week in training.

He always wanted to provide new games. I asked him why? If your players are always getting new training games then they are probably spending a lot of time learning the “drill” versus learning the game of soccer.

On the other hand if you repeat games and exercises weekly they get more comfortable.

They can then focus on what you are teaching about soccer because they are comfortable with their training environment.

Learning is often about repetition.

We have to teach the same points many times.

We have to say the same thing many times.

It is OK to go ahead and use the same training environments–to repeat your games–until you think the players have maxed out their learnings with it or are getting bored.

You can also continue to develop games so that the decisions and responsibilities get more and more complex.

Keep them challenged and neither bored no frustrated. And, you’ll have a winning environment.