Peter Drucker

If you are interested in running a business or a team it will be helpful to read a little Peter Drucker.  There is more valuable information for coaches in his writing than most acknowledge.

Drucker, one of the few business management writers I enjoy reading, organizes his thoughts clearly and effectively.  His books lead me places I need to go, like a blueprint, or a map. I know just where to go. Each book is packed full of detail, yet somehow each none get bogged down. Each motivates me to get to work.

The books drive you to your purpose.

Peter Drucker’s books are not your standard management books in the same way that Bill Walsh’ great book on professional football coaching, Finding the Winning Edge, surpasses most coaching books out there. They are the gold standard.

I compare all business books I read to The Essential Drucker.

Many other writers have written well about Drucker and his influence.


For example, Jeff Shore writing for Entrepreneur, enthuses about Drucker’s influence.

He shares 10 essential quotes including two of my favorites:

“What gets measured gets improved.”

(Here’s an interesting example of how this might apply in the coaching world  -Check out number 7)


“Results are gained by exploiting opportunities not by solving problems”


Another example, At the Harvard Business Review, Alan Kantrow hit the nail on the head when he described Drucker’s ability to distill complex thoughts down to their essential point, put them in a larger context and organize his thinking so clearly as to shine brightly through foggy matters.

Kantrow also presents the contrarian viewpoint, the naysayers who misunderstand Drucker’s intent or find him lacking in scholarly rigor.

One book you might enjoy: A Year With Peter Drucker The book distills his best ideas down into bite size nuggets.

What do you think?

I would love to hear from you. Have you read Peter Drucker? What do you think of him?  What are your favorite books?

And, if not Peter Drucker can you recommend another management book or author who means as much to you.

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