Weekly Roundup: Preseason Conditioning

Preseason conditioning. This weekly roundup features preseason conditioning information, an article on your health, soccer news, basketball, and a little modern civic lesson.

The Wednesday Weekly Round Up is Where The Coaching Conversation Points You to Interesting Articles on Coaching, Leadership, Sports, Health and Fitness, and sometimes, money.

You Aren’t “De-Conditioned” You’re Just Not Fast (Whitelionperformance)

As you’re preparing for your preseason conditioning this is a useful explication of fitness, speed and conditioning.

preseason conditioning

Americans Are Not Getting the Message (Time)

The not bad news: time exercising has remained consistent. The not good news: we are sitting more and more. I bet this is true of coaches too.

FIFA approves expanded Women’s World Cup for 2023 (ESPN)
Managing Pressure (TCC)
Jill Ellis Leaves the National Team with Two World Cups and A Resilient Legacy (The Athletic)

“Five and a half years is a long time, and I’ve actually been with the federation since ’99, been with the senior team since 2008, from that period on. It has been a long time, but it’s been an amazing ride, so they were a part of this decision. The timing of this is I think good for, not just for me on a personal level, but also for the program.”

Sundhage takes over as Brazil womens soccer team coach (yahoosports)

Jill’s old boss at the USWNT is now at the helm of the Brazillian team. One successful coach departs the worlds stage and another returns.

US Youth Soccer Becomes the Official Player and Personal Development Partner of the National Women’s Soccer League Players Association (USYouthSoccer.org)  Good opportunity for professional players to earn additional funds and contribute to the game and their communities.


The Wizards HIring of Sashi Brown (the Ringer)

Cross professional league personnel and strategy sharing. Will it work?

This type of thing—big picture, research, strategy—is what Brown should be doing, existing as a sort of Johnny Appleseed of good ideas, spreading them around then moving on to the next thing.


If like me you are interested in what happened in 2016 elections. You like podcasts. You need a trustworthy source. Try this The Lawfare Blog


preseason conditioning

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