Searching for Perspective

searching for perspective

Searching for Perspective in books and articles, through conversations with friends, in music and movies, the occasional podcast and my own reflections.

Ten Recent Reads and Podcasts.

High Performance Podcast interviewing Robin Van Persie (HPP)

Keep asking yourself, write letters to yourself about how it’s going. It was about me as player. What I liked. What I can improve….listen to players better than me.”


I Have Cancer and I’m Just Trying to Stay Alive (The Atlantic)

I’m one of the people all of this social distancing is helping to stay alive, so far. I belong to the group of people—the infirm, the weak—who certain conservatives have said should offer themselves up to the coronavirus.

Hard Workers Are More Inspiring Than Geniuses (BPS Research Digest)

Role models can play an important part in efforts to encourage a wider range of people to pursue STEM both educationally and professionally: female mentors, for example, have been shown to increase female students’ sense of belonging in engineering settings.

Podcast: Turns Out…Collective Bargaining is a Real B! (Turns Out…)

The USWNT’s Equal Pay lawsuit suffered a serious blow to their case when the judge dismissed the player’s equal pay claim against the US Soccer on summary judgment. But what does it actually mean for the case?

Soccer newsletter: A settlement is best in U.S. women’s soccer pay dispute (LA Times)

Despite her federation’s win in court Cone knows the arc of justice bends toward the women, who clearly have the public on their side. Jersey sales, TV ratings and attendance for the women eclipse the men across the board. Of more importance for U.S. Soccer’s bottom line is the fact major sponsors, including Coca-Cola Co., Anheuser Busch, Procter & Gamble and Volkswagen have also rallied to the women’s side.

He had a reputation (Coach’s Voice)

“He was fantastic, competitive, wanted things done right every day. Demanded of his teammates. The kind of person you would want next to you if you were going into a big game.

Shula at the heart of Miami’s transformation into a prominent sports town (Miami Herald)

He was the pioneer, arriving first with such echoing impact that no one has surpassed him in his sport or this city in the half century since. There is nothing better than perfect. We get to keep that, forever, in his loving memory. In South Florida sports, there has never been and can never be anything better than Shula.

Dan Le Batard

Bouncing back with Adam Sandler ( LinkedIn)

No matter what was going on he always said – “well what else can we do, just have to keep pushing”. 

How to Beat Procrastination (HBR)

How can you become less myopic about your elusive tasks? It’s all about rebalancing the cost-benefit analysis: make the benefits of action feel bigger, and the costs of action feel smaller. The reward for doing a pestering task needs to feel larger than the immediate pain of tackling it.

Nuns vs. the Coronavirus (The Atlantic)

Small facilities run by religious orders, including the Little Sisters’ network of more than two dozen homes in the U.S., were already under financial pressure before the pandemic; like many Catholic providers, they fill a major vulnerability in the U.S. health-care system, taking on a significant number of poor patients on Medicare or Medicaid. Many of these facilities are staffed by aging priests and nuns, who are themselves at high risk of infection.

searching for perspective
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