Weekly Roundup: Set Your Standard High

Set Your Standard High. The Wednesday Weekly Roundup is Where The Coaching Conversation Points You to Interesting Articles on Coaching, Leadership, Sports, Performance, Health and Fitness, and sometimes, money.

Stop Setting Goals: Set High Standards (BasketballisPsychology)

Wonderful explication of the value of standards over goals. Set your standard high.

Excellent book on the same lines: What’s your purpose?

set your standard high







The de-Kobeing of Jayson Tatum has begun (ESPN)

Find who you are as a player. Can’t be anybody else. Don’t overthink it. Did remind me of Pete Carrill also.

Pete Carril Legendary Coach (TCC)

The smart player’s coach and his influence on the NBA. Always set your standard high.

Why is the NBA in Xinjiang (Slate)

I have referenced the NBA in positive terms many times…not this time.

Nationals Eliminate Dodgers on Howie Kendrick’s Tenth Inning Grand Slam (Washington Post)

“It’s what we dream of.” Never give up.

The Oakland A’s Have Managed to Exceed Expectations…Again (FiveThirtyEight)

Building an excellent roster with unknown players.

Lisa Cole on Women in Coaching (allforxi)

Use your voice

“You Gotta See This kid Play.” The Final Shift of HAO (WRAL)

“Really?!,” O’Reilly retorts, flashing her competitive face. “I think it’s the best profession out there. Is coaching the U.S. national team not one of the greatest jobs in the world, or coaching Carolina?” Or, she later adds, an American manager in the Women’s Super League?

Doubling Down on Love (Brene Brown)

Speaks for itself