Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr unique coach
Photo by Keith Allison

I was happy to see Steve Kerr featured recently on one of my go-to coaching podcasts Finding Mastery.  Steve Kerr is one of the best coaches working today due to his unique perspectives on the game, teaching, and team building.

He combines creativity, intelligence, thoughtfulness, competitiveness and the social awareness of other greats like Dean Smith or Greg Poppovich.

Kerr has won eight championships–five as a player and three as a coach.

In fact, he is the first person to win three championships as coach and three as a player. I did not know that prior to listening to this podcast.

He definitely possesses tactical knowledge and game insights, but Steve Kerr is also aware of the needs of elite athletes in terms of building confidence, providing challenge and providing information. That’s a particular balance.

Here is the Finding Mastery podcast interview of Kerr.

The value that means the most to our team is joy, and its reflected in the way we play.