Sunday Links: What is False Growth Mindset

*Carol Dweck interviewed in the Atlantic elaborates on the idea of growth mindset including a look at false growth mindset

False growth mindset is saying you have growth mindset when you don’t really have it or you don’t really understand [what it is]. It’s also false in the sense that nobody has a growth mindset in everything all the time. Everyone is a mixture of fixed and growth mindsets. …So I think we all, students and adults, have to look for our fixed-mindset triggers and understand when we are falling into that mindset.
To find out that teachers were using it in the same way was of great concern to me. The whole idea of growth-mindset praise is to focus on the learning process. When you focus on effort, [you have to] show how effort created learning progress or success.

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False Growth Mindset

*Ryan Holiday draws the connection between running and writing in the Observer

*The challenges inherent in evidence based coaching

*The NY Times on Phil Jackson’s mindfulness approach with the Knicks

Jackson has also given the Knicks a book on the subject, “Mindfulness on the Go,” but that may be drawing less interest.

“I didn’t read it,” Rose said. “Nobody really read it.”

Not every Knick is intrigued with the mindfulness regimen. Kyle O’Quinn declined to comment when asked about the sessions. Courtney Lee did not seem eager to talk about them, either.

“It’s difficult to explain,” he said. “Just know it’s mindfulness, all right. It’s mindfulness.”

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