The Art and Science of Coaching

Are you interested in the art and science of coaching? Me too.

I am fascinated by what makes a good coach, and impressed as hell by those who are great at coaching. Winning is not the sole determinant of either category, but it plays a role.

Coaching is a complex multi-faceted job. It deserves a deeper look.

Coaching has been my job and my career for much of the past thirty years.  I was a very good athlete, a career coach at multiple levels as well as a General Manager and consultant etc.  I have won awards and championships as a coach and as an athlete.  I have also endured difficult seasons and started programs.

I have also come to view coaching as a broader topic than just sports and as instrumental in helping people succeed in their careers, finances, health and other areas. So, I sometimes write about those as well.

I’m a reader. I read a lot of books and I share them here. I hope someday I can say I am a writer.

My opinions shift and adjust with new experiences, new research and ever-changing times.  I have some very strong opinions, but in many ways my point of view is evolving.  I believe we should be committed to a life time of learning.

You can contact me at info@thecoachingconversation.com

What I’m reading now.


The art and science of coaching