The Stories We Tell

This week’s links features the stories we tell when building and leading our teams. The narrative can provide the inspiration, the motivation, the reason we come together to pursue big goals and big dreams.

Included are links to webinars and online seminars on coaching, leadership, career, mindset etc.

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The Stories We Tell

NWSL set to be first major U.S. sports league to return to play during coronavirus pandemic (Inquirer)

Now the league can finally make use of its new broadcast deal with CBS and Twitch. CBS will broadcast the tournament opener and final on its flagship network. All games will be carried on CBS’ subscription streaming platform, CBS All Access, with some tape-delayed re-airs on CBS Sports Network. Twitch will stream games internationally.

There are presenting sponsors in Proctor & Gamble and Secret deodorant, and the league announced a renewed partnership with Verizon. Those are the first sponsorship deals of Baird’s tenure.

What did we as coaches learn from the Last Dance? (

A valuable deconstruction of Phil Jackson’s talent as a coach during his time with the Bulls. Appreciate the through line of Kerr’s coaching from his playing days.

From Jordan wanting to be “the guy,” or Pippen wanting to sit out, to Rodman wanting a 48-hour “vacation,” Jackson had a true understanding of the team and the individuals within it. Most coaches in this situation probably could not have handled all the twists and turns that Jackson faced.

The Use of Themes in Coaching: A Framework for Coaches (The Great White Sharkey)

Love the use of questions in this post. Hat tip to coaching the coaches blog for linking to this and making me aware.

Before you decide to launch your chosen story or theme, you should definitely ‘Red-Team’ it by placing it under scrutiny. If everyone in your group loves it, find someone with a cynical eye or get someone to play the devil’s advocate. Test it out. Ask difficult questions.

Brian Ashton: Giving more power to the players (TGG)

Sue Bird, Megan Rapinoe and Russell Wilson to Host The 2020 ESPYS Presented by Capital One Airing June 21 on ESPN (ESPN Press Room)

The stories we see at The ESPYS each year serve as a reminder of the hope that sports can inspire,” said Megan Rapinoe. “I’m looking forward to hosting the show alongside Sue and Russell, and bringing that much needed hope to audiences this year.”

Megan Rapinoe wants your Zoom calls to be about changing the world (Mashable)

For Rapinoe, Press, Heath, and Klingenberg, re—inc is an outlet for leveraging their interest and experience in business, branding, creativity, and activism. The company launched with a streetwear collection that rejected “masculine and feminine labels.” The point of re—inc is to create products that “reimagine the status quo,” says Rapinoe.

Sports and Money

Naomi Osaka is the Highest Paid Female Player Ever (Forbes)

Tennis players are walking billboards in the only major global sport where men and women have some level of equality in their paychecks, thanks to similarly sized audiences tuning in to watch tournaments. Prize money at the four Grand Slam events has been even since 2007, although men still earn more at lower-level tourneys.

UConn’s Football Failures Are Catching Up to It, and the School Has Itself to Blame (SI)

The insulting bonuses. The buyout money. The facility arms race. Instead of throwing that money into the failed venture of big-time football, it could keep alive some other UConn sports. But it’s already been wasted.

Miami Dolphins to open drive-in theater at Hard Rock Stadium (ESPN)

You Can’t Have a New College Football Video Game Because the NCAA is Clinging to Money and Power (hrealsports)

NWSL announces plan to start season on June 27, will be first U.S. team sport to return to play (yahoo)

How NWSL players secured a return-to-play deal with no pay cuts (The Athletic)

“We were set up for a successful process here because we have collaborators who are planning this tournament who want to make sure that the players feel safe and secure and who are excited to participate.”

Yael Averbuch

BT Sport hand lifeline to Premiership clubs by paying final round of payments in full (Telegraph) Rubgy news regarding season

BT Sport hand lifeline to Premiership clubs by paying final round of payments in full.

Women in Coaching

Lisa Fallon and Melissa Phillips announced as new London City Lionesses coaching team

The harrowing and hopeful story of the footballing couple who beat the odds

“I know one day a woman will coach a top-level male team,” Masar says. “It could be someone like Jurgen Klopp saying, ‘I want her to come and learn from us’. That is the way the future is.

Women’s World Cup medalist and Chelsea captain Magdalena Eriksson shares her football experience & being invincible (Be Inspired Podcast Sport)

The Secret Behind Scott Dixon’s Success is his Trainer (Fast Company)

Levelling the Playing Field for Women Football Coaches: Seminar & Infograph…–June 3

Interested in recruiting, retaining, and nurturing more women in your sport coaching workforces? Or are you a female coach yourself?

Women in Coaching Round Table…Thursday May 28 –get registered!

Featuring Jill Ellis, 2x Women’s World Cup Champion Head Coach Karla Thompson, U.S. Soccer Coaching Educator Lesle Gallimore, U.S. Soccer A-Licensed Coach with 30 Years of Division 1 Experience Join Jill, Karla and Lesle as they host a real-world discussion of the industry and their journeys to success.

Why are there so few women coaching in elite Track & Field? (Carmelita Jeter)

Project 500 Online Q&A with Judy Murray

Women’s Sports Coverage– Special NWSL-watching giveaway

ESPN W Summit— Free and all invited

The secret to developing a winning mindset  

Join us this Thursday on Instagram Live, when we chat with sports psychologist, Dr Josie Perry, Performance in Mind about the secrets to developing a winning mindset. 

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