Weekend Links: Trusting the Process

March Madness: Trusting the Process

Trusting the Process (Pac 12 News)

That, says Neighbors, was the moment he decided to do the unthinkable for a coach – banish goals.  Goals, he reasons, are limiting and the Huskies had no need to go further once they reached the goal they had set many months before of reaching the NCAA tournament.

Washington in the NCAA Tournament  (ESPN)

Elite Eight 2017  (CBS Sports)

Xavier’s Run to the Elite 8 (SB Nation)

South Carolina Coach Bonds with Young Reporter (Yahoo Sports)

“He’ll be back? I got to tell you now, when that young man asked the question he asked yesterday, I’m not trying to get any national attention on this, my SID told me that it’s become like a story,” Martin continued. “I wish I could express myself like that when I was his age. That was, I’m telling you, that is as articulate and good a question as I’ve been asked all year. That was powerful stuff.”


How to Learn

Train with Intention (Goal Nation)

Greatness isn’t achieved under the lights in the arena. It’s not achieved in a stadium packed with passionate supporters. It’s not achieved in the quarters or the semis or indeed the final. And it’s not achieved when the ball bulges the back of the net or when a hand tips the penalty kick around the post.

Greatness is a private affair. It’s achieved behind closed doors, away from public gaze, on the relative quiet of the training pitch.Soccer Tough II


What Scientific Term Ought to be More Commonly Known?  Common Sense  (The Edge)

Sea Ice Retreat (The Atlantic)

Men are not as Strong as their Dads Were  (Washington Post)

Finance and Business:

My 12 Favorite (and free) Investing Websites (Marketwatch)

The New Science of Team Chemistry  (Harvard Business Review)

The Wonders of the Future (Collaborative Fund)

Trusting the Process Where It Matters Most

The Rise of the Autocrats  (Lawfare Blog)

The World Needs Followers (NY Times)

Book Recommendation

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