Weekend Links: Sports and Money

Weekend links to sports and money:


Nadal at the French Open The New Yorker

Confidence is crucial for any athlete, but especially a tennis player. After all, he or she has no one else to turn to. The place to look is always inward. It’s existential. Tennis players call it belief, and they talk about it, mostly to themselves, all the time.

Conflict Management The Blizzard Football Quarterly

The U.S. is Christain Pulisic’s Team–But He Can’t Do it All The Ringer

“Christian is an outstanding young player,” Arena said during a prematch press conference. “We’re hopeful that as he moves forward in his career he’ll continue to show the dedication that he has shown in his early years. We think that he has outstanding potential.”

Bruce Arena: Great Player Manager  TCC

Arena Exceeds Expectations ESPN

Arena, who coached the United States from 1998 to 2006, got the job because of his familiarity with the program and its players as well as his presumed ability to get the red, white and blue to Russia in 2018. He was the choice by necessity and by default, the best man to get the job done, but also the only one who could.

How Juan Carlos Osario Turned Loss into a Valuable Lesson Yahoo

He took solace, above all, from the Argentine literary icon Jorge Luis Borges. “He writes,” Osorio said, “that the defeat has the humility that the noise of victory doesn’t know, doesn’t deserve.”


The Seduction of Pessimism  Collaborator Fund

On one hand it makes sense. Daniel Kahneman once wrote: “Organisms that treat threats as more urgent than opportunities have a better chance to survive and reproduce.”

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Wealth Advice That Should Be Obvious    Mr Money Mustache

No. None of it. When you get a windfall, it goes straight to your highest-interest debt, or your mortgage, or to buy your next chunk of index funds or your next rental house. Why would you inflate your lifestyle, when you haven’t even bought your freedom yet? Windfalls should be viewed as giant Groupon discounts on Freedom Itself.

Lessons from My Investment Class  A Teachable Moment

It occurred to me, the best strategy was to explain to people what NOT to do. This eliminates much of the nonsense and leaves a sound process as the only suitable alternative.



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