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To Outlast Duke’s Youthful Exuberance, UNC Needed Senior Moments


“I made a big time turnover that I needed to make up for, and I’m going to be honest, I was like, you’re making these two free throws,” Pinson said. “Like, you just almost blew the game for your team, so you have to make them.”

Spoken like a senior.

When Did Filling Out a March Madness Bracket Become Popular

Sacramento Hires Jenny Boucek As Assistant Coach

DePaul’s Doug Bruno


Homegrown Players


Groundbreaking Women’s Football Conference Highlights Buried Stories

Be Like Ronaldinho

Dash Told Press Will Not Join Club


How to Balance Your Media Diet

The Courage to be Yourself

Extreme Frugality Allowed Me to Retire at 32

Start Lifting Weights and Don’t Stop

f you can do just one thing, assuming you’re already eating reasonably well and sleeping okay, it’s lift weights. “Start lifting weights and don’t stop.” This is a habit that can set you up for a lifetime of avoiding the sort of injuries that lead to permanent decline (broken hip, back problems). There’s no need to spend 20 hours a week competing in grueling endurance competitions, just lift weights and do strength training a few days a week, consistently, no matter where you are – hotels, at home, etc.

The Future

Your Next Car Might Be A Subscription

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