Weekend Reads and A Few Books

The weekend is here. It seems odd that it makes a difference, but it does to me. My reading shifts to fiction and away from books on coaching, leadership, and money.


For Coaches: The Importance of Perception-Based Questions (Teach Like A Champion)

These youth sports coaches are fighting to keep kids engaged and active even as leagues are dormant (USA Today)

Core Principles of Resocialization of Collegiate Sport (NCAA)

Who could replace Phil Neville as England Women’s manager? (The Guardian)

By Your Side–A Coach’s Perspective (Ultra Running)


General James Mattis on leading in a crisis and thriving in the next normal (McKinsey Accelerate)

Plans will always have to be adapted. But planning is of great value for getting your organization to build confidence and awareness of what to watch for. However, there is a danger that the crisis draws senior leaders into tactical details. They’ll think they’re staying strategic, but strategic planning isn’t being done. They stay in a reactive mode and never gain the initiative.

James Mattis

The Certainty of Uncertainty (TCC)

That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief (HBR)

Fanning the Flames (Humble Dollar)

The Essential Workers Filling New York’s Coronavirus Wards (New Yorker)

Gig Worker Emergency Fund Giving Away Money (Fast Company)

Leadership on Twitter

Leading yourself in crisis, Insight #45: keep your eyes open to the power of Goodness. Even in the midst of tragedy and so many shamelessly bad leaders, service, honor and love are working miracles. Notice this, emulate it, pass it on, expanding the strength and scope of decency.—

Nancy F. Koehn (@nancykoehn) April 30, 2020 via Twitter

Women Soccer

FIFPRO report highlights need greater support of players to grow women’s game (The Athletic)

Who could replace Phil Neville as England Women’s manager? (The Guardian)

Women’s soccer claim of unequal pay tossed, can argue travel (AP)

Judge rules against womens players in equal pay suit vs. U.S. Soccer Federation (The Athletic)

Where does the USWNT’s gender discrimination lawsuit go from here? (Equalizer)

While the players could be seen as having less leverage now in any settlement discussions, it would be beneficial for both sides to come to the settlement table and meet on a middle ground. This would help to restore not only U.S. Soccer’s reputation, but trust between the players and the federation, while pioneering a new way forward for women’s sport.

Kelsey Trainor

Women’s Super League: Proposal could see season finished in six weeks at central base (BBC)

New Book: Raised a Warrior: One Woman’s Soccer Odyssey

Books I’m Reading Now

hammock photo

The Investor’s Manifesto –Investing

The CEO Next Door –Leadership

Finding the Winning Edge Coaching, Sports Executives

A Year With Peter Drucker –Leadership

Tale of Two Cities— Fiction, great story, timely