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Here’s some of what I’ve been reading this week.

Rest and Recovery Matter in Performance:

Learning from Alan Webb

“One of the lessons that I’ve learned in coaching elite runners is that when you are riding the razor’s edge of stress and recovery, when you have a phenomenal day, that isn’t a signal to push forward, it’s a signal to pull back.”

4 Recovery Tips for Maximal Performance

Speaking of Rest

You’re most creative when you are at your groggiest



Get out of your head

Games Approach to Coaching

People Don’t Know Themselves Very Well

Grit and Grace

So as a manager, what’s the best way to instill grit and grace in your team? My research shows that it’s about cultivating three specific emotions: gratitude, compassion, and pride.

More money

Check out the Sports Fitness Advisor Website

They have in-depth guides to many sports.  They also have information on  sporting equipment. There’s a lot there.

Get Creative

I bought this rooster in upstate NY and found this old screen in a dumpster. I put them together for a bit of yard art on one of my garden boxes.

What do you think?

Get Creative





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Be a great coach

Speaking  of Being Creative:

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