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This weekly roundup features coaching culture, sports activism, why managers matter and how to be lucky.

The Wednesday Weekly Roundup is Where The Coaching Conversation Points You to Interesting Articles on Coaching, Leadership, Sports, Health and Fitness, and sometimes, money.

Spend Time With Your Family (Post and Courier)

Clemson coach Dabo Swminey provides a positive example of how to establish a coaching culture. Note how many of his assistant coaches choose to continue to work with him. Of course they are paid well, but most college football coaches at programs like this are.

Billie Jean King on Sports Activism (The Telegraph)

The great tennis star and activist Billie Jean King explicates the pace of change and the need for women activists to know their history and organize.

“But the thing is with history is when you read it, it’s fast, but when you live it it’s like a slug. Two feet forward, five feet back. Young people can’t understand what happened before. It’s important to have history but you have to keep going because there are always struggles in every generation.”

weekly roundup featuring coaching culture
Why Managers Matter for the Employee (Gallup)

Gallup publishes research on the role of the manager in enhancing (one hopes) an employees experience. The article also breaks down the seven phases of employment journey. All are important. But,what the article does well is to define the ways to support managers for the good of everybody.

Consider it this way: If you can get your manager experience right, it will transform and grow every other dimension of your organization — from culture to performance management to customers and profit.

How to be Lucky (Nautilus)

An examination of which comes first luck (good or bad) and the belief that it will be that way (good or bad)

“One might ask, do you consider yourself lucky because good things happen to you, or do good things happen to you because you consider yourself lucky?” says David J. Hand, author of The Improbability Principle, emeritus professor of mathematics and a senior research investigator at Imperial College, London.

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