Weekly Roundup:Coaching Friendships

Coaching friendships. The Weekly Roundup is Where The Coaching Conversation Points You to Interesting Articles on Coaching, Leadership, Sports, Health and Fitness, and sometimes, money.
My Dad’s Friendship with Charles Barkely (WBUR)

Heartwarming story of friendship. You always get the sense that Barkely is down to earth and likeable, but this story makes the case.

What are Friends for? (NYT)

Friendship is the key to a healthy life. We look in so many other directions for health and happiness when this critical component is available. This article provides the research and details

“People with stronger friendship networks feel like there is someone they can turn to,” said Karen A. Roberto, director of the center for gerontology at Virginia Tech. “Friendship is an undervalued resource. The consistent message of these studies is that friends make your life better.”.

Just in Case (Humble Dollar)

You can’t control the stock market, but you can control your actions. This helpful website lists 7 consistent actions to do when worried about the market or employment.

Index-Investing (Bloomburg)

A good defense here against recent critics

First, it costs less — often much less. High fees are a drag on returns; compounded over decades, they lead to a 20 to 30 percent penalty on total returns. Next, the alternative is active-stock or mutual-fund selection or some form of market timing. Academic research overwhelming shows that the vast majority of investors lack the skills or discipline to do that. Attempts at outperformance invariably lead to underperformance. Last, even among those who have the requisite skills, the discipline and emotional control necessary to successfully manage money is intermittent at best, absent at worst.

Gridiron Genius (TCC)
Pep Gardiola and Manchester City: A Case Study (The Sport Journal)

“The purpose of this paper is to offer a case study of Pep Guardiola and Manchester City’s 2017-2018 historic season. More specifically, the paper examines how, from a tactical perspective, the Premier League became suited to Pep’s style and leadership, prior to and upon his arrival, analyzes the tactical framework of City’s style of play, and looks at the players who realized Pep’s philosophy.”

From the Deputy Chief Executive:  The Matildas Opportunity (Professional Footballers Australia)

In preparation for the 2019 World Cup Kathryn Gill writes about the opportunity Australia has to retrace and avenge their 2006 matches against Brazil and Italy.

Atlanta United Beat Portland Thorns in MLS Cup (Sky Sports)
On Greatness: Seeing it, Knowing It, Building It, Being It (White Lion Performance)

A note on how hard it is to achieve greatness and how hard to communicate.

Some people are impressive and motivational in their achievements and messages, but the practice of true Greatness is a rarity.

The Trouble With Girls: Obstacles to Women’s Success in Medicine and Research (thebmj)
Warren Buffett: The Three Things I Look for in a Person (Farnam Street)

“You’re looking for three things, generally, in a person,” says Buffett. “Intelligence, energy, and integrity. And if they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two. I tell them, ‘Everyone here has the intelligence and energy—you wouldn’t be here otherwise. But the integrity is up to you. You weren’t born with it, you can’t learn it in school.”

The End of An Era (The Guardian)

Steve Hansen steps down as coach of the All Blacks and this article recaps his achievements and asses the future of the team.

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