Weekly Roundup: Compete

The weekly roundup focuses on competition, rivalries, big games and more. Don’t forget to watch the USWNT compete in Olympic qualifying Friday night .

The Competitive Cauldron


The lasting lesson of this Super Bowl: Failure is necessary (WaPo) Sally Jenkins provides great insight on how to compete, and ultimately succeed, after multiple failures.

What these people demonstrate is that to win, you have to be willing to lose — badly. Even hurtfully. Reid entered the Super Bowl with a 14-14 playoff record. He had finished every single postseason as a head coach with a loss, left wanting. Time after time, he came back for more, willing to experience the radiological exposure of failure.

Chelsea Women’s manager Emma Hayes compared to Brian Clough (Give Me Sport) Compete for the League Trophy.

“I want to win. Winning breeds more winning, that’s what I’ve learnt. Getting on a roll is important.

There’s a hunger in our group that wasn’t there last year. There’s a stronger mentality.”

Kyle Shanahan Is Always One Step Ahead (The Ringer) Coaches need to tell a story, frame, persuade and convince.

Shanahan presents ideas through stories. He starts at the most basic level, by articulating what defenses are built to stop and why. From there, he walks players through the motivation behind each element of the play.

Wenger launches Fifa scheme to ensure ‘every talent gets a chance’ (Training Ground Guru)

Laura Harvey using Olympic qualifiers to sync up with new-look U.S. leadership(The Athletic)

Katie Sowers Will Make History As The First Woman To Coach At The Super Bowl (Forbes)


USWNT to face Mexico in deciding match for Olympic spot (msn.com)

In women’s soccer, the Olympics is a full senior team event, unlike on the men’s side, so the USWNT’s defending World Cup champions are vying for the chance to win back-to-back world events. No team has ever won a Women’s World Cup and then won an Olympic gold medal the following year.

Hidden in Patrick Mahomes’s Post-Super Bowl Interview Was a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence (Inc.com) A key to compete…

There’s several guys that could be the face of the NFL … Lamar [Jackson], who was [named] the unanimous [league] MVP last night, he had one of the best seasons of all time at the quarterback position. And, so, there’s guys like that it seems like every single year. A lot of young quarterbacks, still a lot of veteran guys that are playing at a very high level.

And, so, I just try to be the best Patrick Mahomes I can be.

Carli Lloyd focused on Olympics amid seething battle against her doubters (LA Times)

“She is wired to win. A player that thrives in pressure, invites challenging situations and rolls the sleeves up and [is] ready to fight toe to toe until the end. That’s who Carli has become and that is why she is different.”

Do We Really Have Free Will? (Fast Company) A wonderful essay on William James and how his ideas can help you move through our current time. Competition is cooperation when focused on your development.

“Rivalry lies at the very basis of our being, all social improvement being largely due to it. . . . The spectacle of effort is what awakens and sustains our own effort,” he wrote in 1899. In my own life, I tend to be ashamed when I am competitive or envious—I like James’s idea that it’s normal.

An Ecological Approach to Learning In (Not And) Development (Karger.Com)

I Am 35 and Running Faster Than I Ever Thought Possible (NYTimes)

Handle Pressure, Win Games (TCC)

Freedom Is Ours, We Just Have to Keep Fighting For It (Shondaland)

The antithesis to freedom isn’t subjugation but surrender.


What I Learned About Women and Money as a Pro Athlete (What the Elle)

Women in sports lead by example. They work hard to make the world better for others. They don’t stand for the status quo.

Because you don’t get , right? And who wants to wait a couple hundred years before gender parity is reached in the United States?

CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship: Costa Rica and Panama Out, Bermuda and Barbados In (WSocExpress)

Horan in Houston — Things Come Full Circle (KeeperNotes)

Former student-athlete and longtime Commodore to lead Vanderbilt Athletics as first female athletic director (Vanderbilt.edu)


5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet (health.com)

The Minimalist’s Strength Workout (thegtowtheq.com)

9 Ways Veganism Is Helping the Planet (Global Citizen)


Another Game Changer for Fitness and Health — No stigma, no judgment, just info and questions


Here is the schedule for the remainder of the qualification tournament:

Friday, Feb. 7, 2020 at Dignity Health Sports Park, Los Angeles 1/4 n7 p.m. ET: Canada (1B) vs. Costa Rica (2A)1/4 n10 p.m. ET: United States (1A) vs. Mexico (2B)

Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020 at Dignity Health Sports Park, Los Angeles 1/4 n6 p.m. ET: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2


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