Weekly Roundup: Effective Communication

Effective Communication. The Wednesday Weekly Roundup is where The Coaching Conversation points you to interesting articles on Coaching, Leadership, Sports, Performance, Health and Fitness, and sometimes, money.

effective communication
Australia captain Meg Lanning on the importance of communication in being a great leader (abc.net.au)

Great example of inclusive leadership with effective communication skills and a depth of respect.

Josie Perry on the Psychology of Communication (Supporting Champions Podcast)

Rich resource of different communication tools, the power of story, and why athlete’s seek her out.

Developing team resilience: A season-long study of psychosocial enablers and strategies in a high-level sports team (Science Direct)

Five categories emerge (practical strategies, actions, and enablers) necessary for team resilience development.

5 Things To Practice for Effective Communication Skills (workawesome.com)

Leads with body language which others “hear” louder than your words. I’m practicing patience.

REFLECTING. Eddie Jones reveals he was left ’embarrassed’ with himself after watching Man City boss Pep Guardiola lead a coaching session at Bayern Munich (talksport.com)

Impressive, humble take, but so much to learn from this short reflection on watching one of the best pro coaches.

Megan Rapinoe talks to Gloria Steinem about empowerment, transparency and whether she’s doing enough  (theathletic)

Effect communication between two powerful women. “Instrument not Ornament.” Honest and introspective.

Boehm: Is MLS becoming world soccer’s new runway for aspiring coaches? (MLSsoccer.com)

Depicts changing role in developing coaches. If you want to create great players, you need talented coaches.

Tottenham appoint Jose Mourinho in place of sacked Pochettino

Sky Blue with big news. Evidence that leadership matters.

Performing Under Pressure

Effective Communication

Colin Kaepernick Situation Proves NFL Collusion Is Real And Has No Bounds (Forbes)
What once seemed impossible is now undeniable: The Redskins have lost Washington (WaPo)

Washington has discovered that champions can live here. So why tolerate, let alone support, an atrociously run and constantly embarrassing franchise with a moral compass that is as twisted as a corkscrew?

Mental health support: Matt Haig shares his tried-and-tested advice for mental wellbeing (Stylist)

Effective communication. “Gentle ways” to look after your well being. He has written helpful books as well.

‘Brilliant’ Philosophers and ‘Funny’ Psychology Instructors: What a Data-Visualization Tool Tells Us About How Students See Their Professors (Chronicle of Higher Ed)
‘We’re the lassies from Lancashire’: Manchester Corinthians Ladies FC and the use of overseas tours to defy the FA ban on women’s football (Tandfonline)

Know your history. Great story of sport, the nomads, role as ambassadors, financial implications and more.


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