Weekly Roundup

The Weekly Roundup is Where The Coaching Conversation Points You to Interesting Articles on Coaching, Leadership, Sports, Health and Fitness, and sometimes, money.

Life-long learner (Timbers)

Excellent article by Richard Farley about Mark Parsons the head coach of the Portland Thorns (NWSL) and his commitment to a career filled with learning. Each off-season he pauses to reflect on the past season and sets off on a journey to learn from somebody else.

Leadership on the Court (TCC, with links to Sports Illustrated)

The Golden State Warriors were named Sports Illustrated Sports Person of the Year. The Coaching Conversation pulled out a couple key factors. See the link to Sports Illustrated for the whole article.

Strict and Warm (Hearts and Minds Teaching)

A look at how to find the proper balance when teaching between being “on” and being authentic.

Success at any age (Ted.com)

Great explication of how to succeed at any age. The key keep going, keep trying to break through,  be incredibly persistent. Beyond that it’s the ability to take a great idea and turn it into action, into a meaningful discovery. To make it real. If you aren’t breaking through then there is something that needs to change.

Be Like Neil Young (Humble Dollar)

Neil Young’s music is simple and easy to play. Run your investments the same way. A nice reminder.

Rational vs Reasonable (Collaborative Fund)

Rational is hard. Being reasonable is often the most practical goal.

Long hours (The Economist)

Finally, Happy Holidays

Real life Santa (Washington Post)

How the Simpsons Changed TV (Vulture)

Origin of the Santa Tracker (Washington Post)

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