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The Bigger Picture. The Wednesday Weekly Roundup is where The Coaching Conversation points you to interesting articles on Coaching, Leadership, Sports, Performance, Health and Fitness, and sometimes, money.

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The Bigger Picture

Third Base (profgalloway)

Newly-released USSF financial data illustrates the challenges in comparing men’s, women’s team economics (The Athletic)

By design, LeBron James’ high school experience won’t be Bronny’s (ESPN)

“It’s just a pretty cool thing. You don’t know how things are going to line up in life and it almost seems like it’s all coming back full circle, seeing my oldest son doing the things that he’s doing. I’m proud of him and his basketball club,” LeBron said. “They got a great team, but more importantly, they are great kids.”

Kids aren’t getting enough exercise, even in sporty Seattle (The Conversation)

The Retirement Version Of Voter Suppression (A Teachable Moment)

Pros and the Bigger Picture

How U.S. Women’s Basketball Won a Pay Raise (WSJ)

“You’ve got to thank the legend and the GOAT because they made it happen,” Fowles said. “

bigger picture

Milwaukee Bucks to visit prison, coach inmates in basketball game (CBS58)

Steve Kerr: Golden State Warriors were ‘wiped out’ after NBA Finals (CNN)

“I don’t know that anybody can really fathom what it takes physically and emotionally to go to the Finals five straight years. It’s exhausting. These guys put everything on the line for five straight years; just an incredible group, amazing competitive desire.”–Steve Kerr

Agent Scott Boras will make more money next year than almost every MLB player (Marketwatch)

David Tepper, Analytics and His First-Ever NFL Head Coaching Search (Sports Illustrated)

‘We’re in the fight together’: A discussion on the power of breaking down women’s sports silos (The Athletic)

The big lesson that the WNBA has learned, and it’s taken a while, is that we’re not the little sister of the NBA. We have a completely different value proposition than men’s pro sports, and certainly the NBA.–Ginny Gilder, co-owner of the Seattle Storm

Sky Blue FC Names Freya Coombe Head Coach (Sky Blue)

After Charlotte snags MLS team, hundreds of fans march and celebrate victorious bid (Observer)

At the Office

The Metagame: How Bill Belichick and Warren Buffett Play a Different Game (Farnam St)

Now you can argue that Buffett and Belichick can do things no other person can. You can argue these are Hall-Of-Famers that get more leeway. But interestingly, that’s the point. Part of their greatness comes from identifying the constraints of others and capitalizing on those structural disadvantages, just like the Romans did.

Our goal is to make sure a company’s truth is online, Yext founder says (CNBC)

Mentor the Mentors (TCC)

Feedback Is Not Enough (Gallup)

Great managers take their coaching to the next level by observing, listening and proactively anticipating topics that will be useful to employees in the future.
They paint a vision for the future — a portrait of success — and establish ongoing dialogue with employees that helps them comfortably discuss issues they encounter along the way.

Noise: How to Overcome the High, Hidden Cost of Inconsistent Decision Making (HBR)

Bigger Picture College

Heisman Winner Spotlights Hunger In His Hometown, Donations To Food Bank Pour In (NPR)

Former Tennessee coach Holly Warlick reveals she’d like to coach again (

One is, take time to choose your staff. You gotta have that loyalty, and you’ve got to be on the same page.”

Don’t let NCAA suits decide college sports’ future without athletes having a role (WaPo)

Georgetown tops Virginia in penalties for first men’s College Cup title (ProsoccerUSA)

Jerry Jones says college coaches have lowest rate of NFL success (247Sports)

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