What does it take to win a championship? Ricky Master Coach is up with an interview of Randy Waldrum, the very successful Head Coach of the Notre Dame women’s soccer program, as well as the U-23 head coach.

The interview covers a spectrum of topics, but here are Waldrum’s keys to a championship:

In 2010 Notre Dame won the National Championship. What are the key ingredients to winning National Championships?  

First and foremost, you must have good players!  But in addition you need to have a team that all believes in each other and share a common goal.  Players that don’t play all the time need to understand they are important to the teams success whether they start or not.  They push that player in front of them, and support the team which is extremely important.  Those that start have to recognize their role and understand that it’s a total team effort that gets you to that championship level.  Team chemistry is extremely important.  That willingness to work and fight for each other, as well as the willingness to hold each other accountable in all aspects are a couple of qualities a championship team has to have.  You also have to have your team playing it’s best soccer at the right time of the season, in the end.  All these are things that help win championships. The players have to “buy in” to your coaching philosophy and into the way you want them to play.  They have to be convinced that this is the best way.  As a coach, you must give your team the belief and confidence that they will be successful every time they step on the field, because they are prepared for that particular moment.  These are a few of the things that must happen to win championships.


Marcia McDermott

Marcia McDermott

Former college and national team athlete who made a career coaching college, pro and international level. Now I coach the coach and am committed to coaches and leaders building high performance teams.

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