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Winning Coaches Locker Room Secrets (Berkeley Haas)

It seems based on the research that anger goes farther than happy or inspirational at half-time. Even if a team is winning. One point though, the researchers found that a coach can take anger too far. Calibrate and find the balance.

Also, it may be that anger has short term benefits but over long term positive still has more influence on results. Worth reading and extending our own research as coaches, to see what else the research says about this topic.

“Our results do not give leaders a license to be a jerk,” Staw says, “but when you have a very important project or a merger that needs to get done over the weekend, negative emotions can be a very useful arrow to have in your quiver to drive greater performance.”

(One caveat: no mention of gender that I noticed in this article)

Coaching to Develop Players versus Coaching to Win (Teach Like a Champion)

Winning coaches know their intention and purpose and coach to it. Developing a young athlete is being a winning coach even though it may cost you games along the way.

Sundhage: It was So Easy to Say Yes to Brazil (FIFA.COM)

Yes, if we try to improve every day. If you look at the game against France, there’s a small difference between success and failure. But if you look at the quality of the Brazilian players at the World Cup, and look at the players we have coming through, yes, we have a chance.

Brilliant!–there’s a small difference between success and failure… always true the higher you go.
Arsene Wenger Key Insights on Success of Players and Managers (SIS)

Much respect to a great example in the world of consistent winning coaches. Scanning, perception, decision making ….so many good insights here.  Athletes and coaches who seek professional career, longevity and excellence should read this.

This last one is the most underrated . I’ve seen so many average players become very good players, who were very normal but they were ready on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and on Saturday and other many failed because they were ready on Monday, but not on Tuesday, a little bit on Wednesday and bye bye my friend. Stamina, It’s an absolutely underrated quality… in French we called it “perseverance”, tenacity, the ones who don’t gave up. Resistance to stress also takes…somewhere you have to walk in the dressing room, and make yourself notice, not many are capable of that. Personality as well takes a great part on someone successful life.

To Build a Winning Team: An Interview With Bill Walsh (HBR 1993)

The ultimate coach in the category of winning coaches, Walsh lays out how you create a culture and a team that is designed to out-think and outperform opponents. Great for the pro level coach, but good for all.

The Women’s Super League.Thanks for Attending. Please Come Again. (NYT)

The challenge, for the W.S.L., is to convert the interest in opening weekend to the rest of the season. “I hope it’s not just the first game,” said Abbie McManus, the Manchester United defender. “I hope it’s the last game, too.”

England Embraces Rivalries, Big Venues for Women’s World Cup Lift (AP)
winning coaches
AP Photo/Francisco Seco, File
Britton Appointed as Swansea’s First Sporting Director (Training Ground Guru)

“I’ve been keen to establish a team ethos throughout the club and create that feeling of being joined up between the management and coaching staff and all being in it together.

More winning coaches–Don’t Just Follow the Ball (Twitter)
Developing A Coaching Philosophy Outside of Sports (White Lion Performance)

Describes the process of creating a coaching philosophy by leveraging learnings that extend past the boundaries of sport.

The Key to Good Luck is an Open Mind (Nautil.us)

Entertaining article on luck. My next adventure might be to go to luck school.


Ripped it in Half: Shaq shares his top personal finance lesson (Yahoo)

Personal finance wisdom for athletes and coaches.

Women’s Tennis Association is Helping More Athletes Go Back to School (WSJ)

More sports should take this initiative.

Has the Media Changed the Game for Women’s Sports (Women’s Sport Trust)
Meritocracy is Killing High School Sports (The Atlantic)
How we compound our national disgrace (Talking Points Memo)
The Continuing Legacy of 9/11 (New Yorker)
Podcast: The Talent Equation

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