Weekly Roundup

It’s snowing here.  I was heading out for a hike, but my little car can’t handle the roads.  So, it’s a good time to get my weekly roundup out.

Healthy Coach

From Science Daily,  Is there such a thing as an emotional hangover?

From The New York Times No such thing as non-responders

Among fitness scientists, these people are known as “nonresponders.” Their bodies simply don’t respond to the exercise they are doing. And once discouraged, they often return to being nonexercisers.

But an inspiring and timely new study suggests that nonresponders to one form of exercise can probably switch to another exercise regimen to which their body will respond. And a simple test you can do at home will help you determine how well your workout is working for you.

Also, from The New York Times,  A Guide to Better Sleep

Wealthy Coach

From Get Rich Slowly The Power of Compound Interest

You can make compounding work for you by doing a few simple things:

1. Start early. The younger you start, the more time compounding has to work in your favor and the wealthier you can become. The next best thing to starting early is starting now.

2. Make regular investments. Don’t be haphazard. Remain disciplined, and make saving for retirement a priority. Do whatever it takes to maximize your contributions.

3. Be patient. Do not touch the money. Compounding only works if you allow your investment to grow. The results will seem slow at first, but continue on. Persevere! Most of the magic of compounding returns comes at the very end. Compounding creates a snowball of money. At first, your returns seem small; but if you are patient, they will become enormous.

From Jason Zweig, Fees Really Do Matter

From The Irrelevant Investor, Looking for the Next Amazon

Wise Coach

From Harvard Business Review: Decision Making

From Positive Coaching Alliance: Topics for Discussion

From Player Development Project: Learning Dynamics

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